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Ultra Bronze provides your skin with a healthy looking brown/bronze color, unlike the messy colors of other self-tanning creams or liquids. No orange or yellow streaking!
Ultra Bronze provides a perfect, even, natural looking tan.
Pleasant, fresh, clean scent!
"Customize" the shade of your tan. Get darker with each application!
Maintain your tan all year-around, for men and women of all skin types.
Ultra Bronze does not dry out your skin.
Ultra Bronze contains a non-greasy, built-in moisturizer that will not rub off. It will not clog pores and does not irritate sensitive skin.
You tan fades gradually, just like a suntan.
Ultra Bronze will not wash away as you shower, swim or perspire!
  “We all know by now that sunbathing greatly increases our risk of skin cancer, not to mention premature aging and the occasional red-hot burn.  Ouch.  Sunless tanning, on the other hand, is quick, easy and can even be good for your skin.”
“I used to cook my skin in tanning beds for hours trying to attain that “perfect tan”. All I got was burned and wrinkled. I took a chance with Ultra Bronze, and I’ll never go near another tanning studio again! All my friends constantly nag me to let them in on the “secret” to my fantastic looking tan. I’m not sure they would believe me if I told them! Thanks guys!”
  “For many people, a good tan is an "essential" part of summer. Luckily, there are ways to get that gorgeous glow without exposure to the sun's harmful rays. Self-Tanners For A Natural Looking Tan ..These offer a "tan" while still looking natural.”
“I spent hour after hour lying outside in the burning sun trying to achieve a deep tan when I was younger. I cringe to think of the damage I did to my skin during that time! Now I use Ultra Bronze religiously. I can’t imagine being without it, so easy to use, so real looking, and best of all, my skin looks and feels great!”
  “Most of us know by now that getting a deep, dark tan means risking dangerous exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, so it's no surprise that sunless tanning products are flying off of store shelves. Besides an increase in sales of 10 percent over a year ago, the products are working better. Using self-tanners doesn't mean you end up looking like an orange anymore.”
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